Are there specific purposes for which you give out personal loans?

Apr 09, 2013 0 comment Personal Loans

No we do not look into the purposes for which our customers seek out personal loans. In fact, we would go so far as to say that you need not make any kind of a declaration about the purpose for which you are seeking a personal loan. As long as your loan approval is processed, you are completely free and independent to use the funds leant out to you, for whatever purpose deemed suitable.

Again, we would like to add here that this is a flexibility which few customers out there have with other services and that is indeed the primary reason for which they keep coming back to us again and again. Otherwise, there are many miscellaneous expenses and purposes for which loans are sought; people can’t really be specifying the purpose in those cases, each and every time. We completely respect and appreciate that fact and therefore do not particularly seek out reasons for which personal loans are sought from us.

All you need to do is to file the online application and we will match you with a lender for your loan.

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