How does the loan process works?

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Will you conduct a credit check?

We are a matching service and will not carry out a credit check, but some of the lenders we work with can carry a credit check or verify your personal information. There’s no need for you to worry if you have bad credit or no credit most of the lenders we work with will give you a loan even with bad credit. We will assess your application and suggest a loan lender that’s just right for you.

What interest rate and fees will be applicable?
The rates and fees that will be applicable to your personal loan will depend on the information you provide in your application and the lenders policy. You will be inform about the applicable rates and fees when you submit your online application form and match with a lender. We advice you to fully understand the loan terms before accepting the loan. Remember our service is free and with no obligation if you do not agree with the loan terms simple reject it.

Will I have to pay any other charges?
The lenders terms and conditions are transparent and easy to understand he will inform you in advance about all applicable rates and fees. There’s no need to worry about any hidden charges.

What is a loan calculator used for?
You can use a loan calculator to assess your loan options and to decide about how much you can afford to borrow.

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